EuroCALL symposium contribution: CALL course design for pre-service secondary teachers

Course design for pre-service secondary teachers: collaboration and reflection in a short, multilingual CALL course

CALL courses for novice language teachers should cover techno-pedagogical competences and future professional development requirements, but while integrated approaches applied across the curriculum are frequently advocated (Hubbard & Levy, 2006; Kessler, 2006), institutional constraints may favour stand-alone modules.  This study investigates pre-service teachers of various L2s in a short CALL course at a French university.  It examines the extent to which constructivist principles can inform effective course design, and how teachers can acquire techno-pedagogical skills, filter online content, and work collaboratively in the light of ongoing teaching practice. Data include blogs, wikis, and social media use, as well as reflective comments; analysis focuses on the process and products of this form of CALL teacher education.

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Symposium theme:

CALL teacher education for tomorrow’s world: designing courses for future teaching contexts

The Teacher Education SIG proposes this symposium on the topic of designing teacher education courses for future CALL teaching contexts. Technologies are transforming language learning and teaching in classroom, distance, blended and mobile learning situations, and seem set to continue to do in ways which are hard to anticipate. Learning opportunities are expanding, but in many contexts teaching methodologies fail to keep pace. The symposium brings together research from Finland, France and Ireland on novice and experienced language teachers in schools and universities to ask how CALL teachers respond to these challenges and how they may best be prepared for further change.


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